Autumn Treatments

When should you begin your autumn treatment?

When the leaves begin to turn yellow and red – usually between August and September. You need to retreat your lawn during this period as the sun still shines and the days stay long. These months also tend to be much drier, so it’s important to keep your lawn hydrated.


Why should you treat your lawn in autumn?

In Autumn we start to see all types of plant slowly dry and begin to die. You can use this opportunity to give your lawn one last proper feed before it hibernates during winter. It is also a good time to check on weed and moss growth.


What should you use to treat your lawn during autumn?

Much like spring and summer, you should ideally use a granular fertilizer that’s rich in nitrogen. You should also use a targeted herbicide spray to keep unwanted plant life away. This is the last time you will be able to keep your lawn healthy and strong before winter hits.


commercial lawn careHow often should I mow my lawn in autumn?

As the sun takes it toll on your lawn, you may find that growth begins to slow and you may not need to mow very often at all. If your lawn at this point appears to have already begun dying, it may be worth considering a complete returf. This will prolong the life of your lawn.


How do I deal with weeds and moss during autumn?

At the very end of autumn is when we begin to start seeing wetter weather. A sudden increase is wet weather, after many dry months, can create the perfect breeding ground for weeds and moss. Always check your lawns during wet periods to ensure there are no unwanted visitors. The moment you see any weeds or moss you must treat it as soon as possible with the appropriate treatment.



How often do I need to water my lawn autumn?

As the sun starts to disappear and the heavens start to open, you’ll find that there is little to no need to water your lawn whatsoever. Your lawn only really needs water during spring and summer, but you may find that there is a need at the very beginning of autumn. When your lawn shows signs of deterioration, consider giving it a watery boost.