Caring for your lawn in the autumn

Lawn Treatment By Greengrass

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As the evenings draw in this is the time to really work on your lawn to prepare it for the winter and the spring growing season. Your efforts now will really pay off in the following year.

mowing your lawn in the autumn

With falling temperatures and shorter days the growth of the grass will slow down so mowing can be reduced. Raise the height of the mower and as always keep those blades sharp.


Feeding your lawn in the autumn

Our Greengrass autumn treatment includes a fertiliser with less nitrogen but more magnesium. The extra magnesium helps the roots to grow getting it ready for the winter. If needed, we will apply a selective spot treatment weedkiller. This treatment will be applied between September and November.


Pest control in the autumn

Autumn is the time when we often see lots of Leatherjackets (Daddy Long Legs) or Chafer Grubs (Chafer Beetles). These grubs are often found in lawns, you may see holes in your lawn or find birds pecking at the grass, this is a common sign of an infestation. If you notice these signs then give please Greengrass a call and we will come and assess your lawn. Treatment if required is completed with a biological treatment.

There is more information on these pests and other lawn diseases here.


Additional Autumn lawn treatment services

Scarification – This process of mechanically raking the lawn removes thatch (dead grass) and moss. More details here

Aeration – Aeration perforates the soil to allow air, water and nutrients to penetrate down to the roots, aiding root growth. More details here.

Renovation and Top Dressing – If your lawn is in poor condition, we may offer this service to improve it. Renovation involves deeply scarifying the lawn several times, reseeding and applying a high-quality top dressing. More details here.

Re-Turfing. If your lawn is in really poor condition, then the ultimate treatment is to remove the old grass completely and lay fresh turf. Greengrass use only the best locally grown turf.

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We offer four seasonal visits to your property each year, ensuring your lawns have the perfect balance of nutrients 365 days a year.

Each quarterly visit consists of the following:

Spring Treatment

Avoid those troublesome weeds and let your lawn spring into action. We’ll book an appointment to visit your property and provide essential nutrients together with a selective weed killer to improve the condition of your lawn. This fertiliser stimulates growth and improves the colour of your lawn. Spring treatments commence from late March to late May, depending on the weather.

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Summer Treatment

Summer is a time to enjoy your lawn. To help survive the wear and tear from children, pets and mowers, a controlled release granular fertiliser is applied. This maintains the strong growth of your lawn and reduces the effects of warm, dry weather conditions. This fertiliser help to maintain a green, healthy-looking lawn throughout those enjoyable Summer months. This treatment is normally applied between late May and July.

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Autumn Treatment

As the evenings draw in and we all prepare for Winter, your lawn needs some preparation too. Our Autumn treatment includes a fertiliser which contains less nitrogen but more magnesium. Magnesium helps to develop a strong root system on the lawn by protecting it from Winter conditions. This treatment is normally applied between September and November.

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Winter Treatment

Once the Autumn sun has departed and the ground gets damp, moss begins to flourish. This Winter treatment involves spraying the lawn with liquid iron, which turns the moss black almost instantly and gradually works its way into the roots. This improves the colour of the grass so that it looks its best throughout the Winter months. Winter treatments start in December.

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