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Lawn aeration is the process of using mechanicalised equipment to remove thousands of deep cores of subsurface thatch and soil from your lawn to allow oxygen, nutrients and water to penetrate deep into the root zone.

Lawn aeration can be carried out with hollow tines (core aeration) or solid tines (spiked aeration). There is much debate in the turf industry on which is most beneficial, but either process is better than doing nothing.

Hollow Tine Aeration

Hollow tine aeration involves removing small cores, or plugs, of soil from your lawn. This eases compaction and thatch, letting the lawn breath, with air, water and fertiliser all able to easily get through to the root.

Over time, the roots and soil underneath a lawn become compacted leaving it difficult for the lawn to receive oxygen and nutrients, this can be due to the age of lawn and its use, as well as exposure to bad weather. Hollow tine aeration is a reliable way to assist the lawn so that water and essential nutrients can penetrate in to the root zone.

To aerate your lawn, we’ll use equipment such as the handheld lawn aerator, which is similar to a garden fork but with hollow tubes rather than spikes, or the petrol-powered hollow tine aerator. This piece of equipment aerates lawns efficiently and effectively, letting the soil breath, getting it the essential nutrients that it needs, and allowing it to grow healthily.

For lawns that need some serious aeration, a petrol-powered piece of equipment is the best tool for the job. However, for a variety of reasons – the cost of buying one for infrequent use, not having the free time to spend on lawn care, or simply finding it too physically demanding – properly aerating the lawn just isn’t possible for many of us. That’s where we come in! We’re here to help with both hollow tine aeration and all of your lawn care needs, residential or commercial. Our team of professionals has the highest standard of equipment for lawn care, giving your lawn the services it needs to stay fresh and healthy. If you’re interested in our hollow tine aeration services, get in touch with us today, and find out more about our other lawn treatment services here.

What is core aeration?

Over time the soil and roots underneath your lawn get tightly compacted due to footfall, mowing and bad weather conditions. Compacted soil struggles for oxygen and essential nutrients and develops thick layers of thatch which also prevents air and water getting to the roots causing unhealthy growth and disease.

Core aeration has the added benefit of displacing sub-surface thatch. This can be beneficial on very ‘thatchy’ lawns as it root-prunes as it displaces the core and it also helps the roots grow deeply to produce a stronger, more vigorous lawn.

The main reasons for aeration are to alleviate soil compaction and reducing thatch build up.


What is thatch?

Thatch is a naturally occurring layer within your lawn comprising of dead and live grass, leaves, root stems and moss, which is present between the base of the grass stems and the soil bed below.

A small amount of thatch in a lawn is considered healthy as it aids its resilience. However, it is easy for this layer to become too thick and affect the health of the lawn. Without removing this dead matter your lawn will quickly deteriorate, making it especially vulnerable to moss, disease, weeds and stress.

Your lawn treatment operative will take a core sample from your lawn and will be able to show you the layer of thatch present within the lawn. If it is deemed to be too thick, they will discuss a course of action with you.


Aeration can be carried out at any time of year providing the ground is not frozen, water-logged or too dry and hard. We normally carry out aerations during the winter months. A bit of love and attention in the form of aeration will help your lawn recover from dry summer conditions and general wear and tear. Aeration is a key part in keeping any lawn in good condition and we recommend it’s carried out regularly.



The process of hollow tinning produces thousands of cores on the surface of the lawn, we can collect the unwanted cores with a good old-fashioned rake or depending on the size of your lawn via a mechanical machine. We will bag up the debris and can either leave with you to dispose of or alternatively charge for disposal.


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