Winter Treatments

When should you begin your winter treatment?

As soon as you reach October you need to think about treating your lawn for moss and weeds. Despite the stunt in grass growth, moss continues to thrive during wetter, darker months. You will need to begin treatment before it gets too wet and cold.


Why should you treat your lawn in winter?

Unlike other months, we don’t need to encourage growth. So the reason to treat your lawn during this time is simply to survive the winter. Treatment can help to stimulate chlorophyll activity and encourage stronger, more robust grass. Treatments will also help to dehydrate your lawn in order to avoid overhydration from rain and snow (it also helps to kill any moss).


What should you use to treat your lawn during winter?

There is very little to treat your lawn with during this time, however, you will almost always need to treat your lawn with blanket spray. This will help to keep moss and weeds at bay, so you don’t come back to a jungle in the spring.


commercial lawn careHow often should I mow my lawn in winter?

As the sun disappears the grass will have no way to photosynthesize and therefore will stop growing. It’s very unlikely that you will need to mow your lawn at all during the winter, however, you can still mow it if it becomes too long (just be careful not to cut it too short, no less than 2 inches).


How do I deal with weeds and moss during winter?

Unfortunately, it’s all too common for moss and weeds to grow during the winter months, especially moss. The damp weather becomes a breeding ground for moss spores and you can quickly find yourself in a mossy green sea. Regular maintenance will help to reduce this, however, you can also treat specific areas of your lawn if you find more troublesome patches.



How often do I need to water my lawn winter?

You do not need to water your lawn during winter, in fact, it’s quite the opposite. During the wet months, you in fact need to focus on dehydrating your lawn. Drying your lawn will help to avoid overhydration and can also help to deter and kill off unwanted weeds and moss. You will not need to water your lawn again until March the following year.