Caring for your lawn in the summer

Lawn Treatment By Greengrass

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As spring turns into summer and temperatures rise the growth of the grass will slow down, this is the time to enjoy your lawn and reap the benefits of the work you have put in over the year to maintain it.

mowing your lawn in the summer

With a rise in temperature and growth slowing you can reduce the frequency of mowing always ensuring that your mower is sharp and not taking off more than a third of the grass at any one time.
If the weather is really hot then avoid cutting your lawn as this will cause stress to the grass. If it is not too hot and you are going on holiday it is a good idea to arrange for your lawn to be mowed while you are away. Greengrass offer a Lawn Cutting Service, please contact us for further details.


Feeding your lawn in the summer

Between late May and July, depending on the weather our Greengrass operatives will come and give the second treatment of the year, at this time we apply a controlled release granular fertiliser to maintain growth. As with all our treatments this treatment is harmless to children and pets.


Watering your lawn in the summer

In times of drought your lawn may turn brown and straw coloured this is quite natural and should not be a cause of concern providing your lawn has been well maintained. At the first sign of drought, while the grass is still green but becoming dull, then begin to water it. Make sure you water thoroughly so that the water penetrates the soil and gets down to the roots. This is best done in the early morning or late evening. Please make sure that you follow the guidance of your local water authority regarding the use of water.



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We offer four seasonal visits to your property each year, ensuring your lawns have the perfect balance of nutrients 365 days a year.

Each quarterly visit consists of the following:

Spring Treatment

Avoid those troublesome weeds and let your lawn spring into action. We’ll book an appointment to visit your property and provide essential nutrients together with a selective weed killer to improve the condition of your lawn. This fertiliser stimulates growth and improves the colour of your lawn. Spring treatments commence from late March to late May, depending on the weather.

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Summer Treatment

Summer is a time to enjoy your lawn. To help survive the wear and tear from children, pets and mowers, a controlled release granular fertiliser is applied. This maintains the strong growth of your lawn and reduces the effects of warm, dry weather conditions.

A spot spray selective herbicide may also be applied, to keep weed population to an absolute minimum. The combination of fertiliser and herbicide maintains a green, healthy-looking lawn throughout those enjoyable Summer months. This treatment is normally applied between late May and July.

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Autumn Treatment

As the evenings draw in and we all prepare for Winter, your lawn needs some preparation too. Our Autumn treatment includes a fertiliser which contains less nitrogen but more magnesium. Magnesium helps to develop a strong root system on the lawn by protecting it from Winter conditions. If required, a selective spot weed killer will be applied. This treatment is normally applied between September and November.

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Winter Treatment

Once the Autumn sun has departed and the ground gets damp, moss begins to flourish. This Winter treatment involves spraying the lawn with liquid iron, which turns the moss black almost instantly and gradually works its way into the roots. This improves the colour of the grass so that it looks its best throughout the Winter months. Winter treatments start in December.

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