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The soft landscaping process involves the ‘soft’ parts of the garden. The changing, moving, living elements which include turf laying, shrubs, trees, topiary, plants, perennials, bi-annuals, mulch, decorative stone and soil. Soft landscaping services improve the visual elements of the area after the hard landscaping foundations have been set from grounds clearance. Winding pathways, ponds, rockeries, walls, patios, and decking and architectural features all play a part in the basic structure before the soft landscaping elements are decided on and the possibilities and choices are limitless.

Our highly skilled horticultural professionals provide a tailor-made service, taking great pride in offering our clients the best horticulturist practices. Our standards of work are consistently high and carried out on schedule and within the parameters of your budget.

Whatever the size of your outdoor space we take the time to recommend specimen plants best suited to your requirements and soil structure. Our trusted relationship with a local plant nursery gives us access to over 20,000 plant specimens giving you complete flexibility to design your landscape.

At Greengrass we assist homeowners and businesses to improve their outdoor space regardless of size and are committed to going that extra mile to ensure thriving and attractive landscapes all year round.

We can also supply many materials such as aggregates, border barks, decorative stone, grass seeds, enriched top soils and soil improvers.

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Enjoy only premium quality turf

Greengrass supply a premium grade turf grown locally on farms in Essex and Suffolk, an area which is well known for its high-quality loam soil. With a unique seed mix it is renowned for its durability, high germination, thick even texture and rich hue.

The premium grade turf seed mix comprises Perennial Ryegrass, Slender Creeping Red Fescue, Strong Creeping Red Fescue and Chewings Fescue. This unique combination makes it ideal for a range of applications, from private gardens to large commercial developments.

Our growers who are also a family-owned business, have been growing premium turf for over 40 years. They implement a careful seeding programme and innovative irrigation systems ensuring that their premium grade turf is available all year round regardless of the weather. They only harvest when the turf is mature.

We also supply the following:

  • Screened top-soil,
  • Soil improver
  • Seed
  • Aggregates
  • Border barks
  • Decorative stones

All of which are designed to complement any size of formal or informal space, or even a statement piece. Once your turf is laid we can provide full lawn care services including upkeep, seasonal treatments, lawn aeration and lawn scarification.

Residential Lawn Care

Choose from hundreds of plants

We work closely with a local family run wholesale nursery in Colchester who specialise and produce over 20,000 specimen shrubs, climbers, perennials and topiary plants every year with 350 varieties available to landscapers and garden designers.

The plants are grown spaced out on drip irrigated nursery beds to ensure hardy plants that will take to their new surroundings with ease and minimal upkeep.

The nursery is able to source plants for us as they have close links to vast nurseries around Europe and the United Kingdom.

We can advise on the best plants for your outdoor space and agree a planting scheme and budget to suit. The plants will be picked up on the day of installation and will be laid out within the borders so our clients can view before planting.

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Committed to going the extra mile

Whatever the size of your domestic project, we go the extra mile to guarantee you a space to be proud of, with a relaxing space to savour and impress friends and family.


A growing roster of satisfied clients

Over the years our residential soft landscaping work has delighted clients with our level of expertise and customer service. Notable domestic clients include many owners of prestigious residential properties such as stunning manor houses, as well as typical family households. With no job too big or small, let Greengrass nurture your garden with care and professionalism today.

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Our Work


Soft Landscaping across Ipswich & Colchester

At Greengrass, we have two office locations in Suffolk and Essex. These offices allow us to service the whole of East Anglia effectively and efficiently.

Our offices:

  • Ipswich (servicing gardens in Suffolk)
  • Colchester (servicing gardens in Essex)

If you would like to speak to our team, please feel free to contact us by choosing one of the following: