Greengrass can provide a garden and grounds clearance service for both residential and business clients. We can quickly restore out of control gardens and grounds, stripping out weeds, brambles, nettles and rubbish to clear and create a more manageable space to enable the planning of a new project.

The prospect of having to clear large areas of overgrown land with dense vegetation could be a challenge for many, however, with our expertise and highly effective equipment, we can make light work of any heavy ground clearance operation.

If you are a landlord looking to spruce up a property before letting, bought a home with a neglected garden, needing to re-establish boundaries or require a commercial grounds clearance, we can help.

Our highly competent uniformed team are well-versed in undertaking foliage clearance, tree excavation, clearing rotten fences and broken sheds stump removal and deep vegetation.

We hold a higher tier waste removal license and will dispose of your waste legally and responsibly.

After clearance we can work with you to redesign and create a new planting and landscaping project enabling you to enjoy the space once more. We’re specialists in all things soft landscaping and can help you achieve the perfect outdoor space.


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Typical ground clearance tasks

We’re well-versed in carrying out the following ground clearance tasks as part of our comprehensive service:

  • Stump removal
  • Foliage clearance
  • Tree excavation
  • Debris removal


The first step to making better use of your space

Garden and ground clearances allow you to radically improve the appearance of your garden or grounds.

We can even work with you to redesign the space with soft landscaping to create a more effective use of your land.

The possibilities are endless for even the smallest open areas. Providing the space is well-designed, it can successfully create the illusion of a much larger ground area.


Responsible garden waste carriers

Greengrass holds a Waste Carrier Licence, allowing us to carry and dispose of any type of garden waste. The company is also fully compliant with the UK/EU waste disposal legislation and we guarantee that all waste is disposed of at an accredited recycling plant.

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Why choose Greengrass?

  • We’re completely independent and operate on a pay-as-you-go basis.
  • We’re fully insured, giving all our residential clients complete peace of mind.
  • We arrive fully equipped to clear any type of garden waste, with no hidden costs or nasty surprises!

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