Would you like a Greengrass lawn? It might be time to consider our quarterly lawn treatment programme, designed to return your lawn to healthy condition all year round.

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Our Residential Lawn Care Services

As lawn care specialists we get huge satisfaction from helping clients achieve well-kept, weed and moss-free professional level lawns all year round. It can be difficult for you to achieve a lush lawn and may be incredibly time-consuming. That’s where we come in. With our lawn care expertise, we can help your lawn look good and provide an extra dimension to your surrounding grounds too.

No matter what the current condition of your lawn is we can help it get back to its best with our professional lawn treatments. There’s no secret science involved and we’ll be completely open and honest with you about what your lawn needs and what action we will take to ensure your lawn is full, green and at the level you’re looking for.

Call us today for a no-obligation quotation or if you need more information on our seasonal lawn treatment programme. If your lawn is suffering from a particular problem such as pests like chafer grubs then we can help with this too!

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We offer four seasonal visits to your property each year, ensuring your lawns have the perfect balance of nutrients 365 days a year.

Each quarterly visit consists of the following:

Spring Treatment

Avoid those troublesome weeds and let your lawn spring into action. We’ll book an appointment to visit your property and provide essential nutrients together with a selective weed killer to improve the condition of your lawn. This fertiliser stimulates growth and improves the colour of your lawn. Spring treatments commence from late March to late May, depending on the weather.

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Summer Treatment

Summer is a time to enjoy your lawn. To help survive the wear and tear from children, pets and mowers, a controlled release granular fertiliser is applied. This maintains the strong growth of your lawn and reduces the effects of warm, dry weather conditions. This fertiliser help to maintain a green, healthy-looking lawn throughout those enjoyable Summer months. This treatment is normally applied between late May and July.

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Autumn Treatment


As the evenings draw in and we all prepare for Winter, your lawn needs some preparation too. Our Autumn treatment includes a fertiliser which contains less nitrogen but more magnesium. Magnesium helps to develop a strong root system on the lawn by protecting it from Winter conditions. This treatment is normally applied between September and November.

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Winter Treatment

Once the Autumn sun has departed and the ground gets damp, moss begins to flourish. This Winter treatment involves spraying the lawn with liquid iron, which turns the moss black almost instantly and gradually works its way into the roots. This improves the colour of the grass so that it looks its best throughout the Winter months. Winter treatments start in December.

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In addition to our annual treatment programme, we can also provide specialist services to your lawn wherever necessary, including:

Lawn Scarification

Lawn Scarification Service

LAWN Aeration

Lawn Aeration Services

Lawn Renovation

Lawn Renovation Services


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Why Choose GreenGrass

  • Our treatment operatives offer a free lawn analysis during our initial appointment and will offer advice on all aspects of your lawn upon request.
  • We’re completely independent and operate on a pay-as-you-go basis.
  • We follow all recommended guidelines on turf nutrition as set out by the Royal Horticultural Society.
  • We’re fully insured, giving all our residential and commercial clients complete peace of mind.

For terms and conditions of our Price Match Guarantee please see our policies.

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What Our Customers Say

“I have used Greengrass for over two years and over 4 visits each year their treatments and work have massively improved the quality and appearance and health of the lawn. They offer great advice and are a delight to work with as a team. I highly recommend their service.”
“Prior to the grass treatment our grass was overrun by clover and weeds. The treatment has transformed the garden and I am delighted with the results. An efficient service which made a noticeable difference immediately. Great job!”
“Excellent work, carried out by a team of professional landscape gardeners lead by Nick. Will be employing them in the future for ongoing lawn treatment and further development of the front garden.”