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When your lawn is in really poor condition and you are considering tearing it all up and re-turfing, renovating can be a less expensive option to transform your lawn.

The lawn renovation service provided by Greengrass consists of a combination of procedures to promote lush new growth from a weedy, tired, troublesome, compacted or moss infested lawn.

Lawn renovation is undertaken in early spring or early autumn as these are the optimal times when the ideal weather conditions prevail.

We provide a free lawn analysis to view and assess your lawn and will discuss with you the best course of action before booking your renovation.

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Preparation for Lawn Renovation

Preparation of the lawn before a renovation is desirable. If the lawn feels dry and the chances of rain are low, start building a reserve of water in the soil by running a sprinkler for an hour or two a day several days prior to seeding. It is also beneficial to clear the lawn of debris and cut the grass as short as possible before the renovation process starts.

Where lawn renovation is recommended scarification will be carried out in up to three directions. Waste is bagged and removed from the site, we then apply an application of a high-quality grass seed followed by a high quality lawn dressing this is a mix fine screened Loam (45%), Sharp Sand (45%) and Peat substitute (10%), plus organic fertilisers which evens out any imperfections in the ground and promotes new seed growth.

Caring for your newly renovated Lawn

Results should be seen within 4-8 weeks but much depends on rainfall, daily watering of the new germinating grass and limited use of the area until germination is well established.

Following a renovation, for the grass seeds to germinate and for the roots to establish the ground needs to remain moist. Subsequent daily watering and limited use of the lawn until the germination process is underway will assist with a successful renovation. Once established, the grass can be cut on a higher setting and be lowered once the lawn appears regenerated.

To keep your newly established lawn in good condition we recommend our seasonal lawn treatments: Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter.

To help your lawn reach its full potential, please phone for a free no-obligation lawn analysis and quotation.

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Why choose Greengrass?

We’ve got all the experience and equipment needed to properly take care of any serious lawn problems with a full renovation. As well as being fully equipped, we’re also:

  • Completely independent
  • Operating on a pay-as-you-go basis
  • Fully insured
  • Upfront about the cost – there’s no nasty surprises

If your lawn is in need of renovation, then our services are the perfect solution. Get in touch with us today to get started with your garden renovation, and find out more about our other residential services here.


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