Garden Renovation Service Brentwood

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Gardens don’t naturally prune themselves and the grass doesn’t magically keep itself short and tidy…gardens, as we all know, require a great deal of work to pull them together into one cohesive whole. If your garden has got the better of you, or if the level of maintenance work required is just too much for you to handle and you’re feeling overwhelmed then why not call on the garden renovation and maintenance services supplied by Greengrass Commercial Ltd?

Our dedicated team at Greengrass Commercial Ltd can work with you to get your garden back in order. Whether it requires clearing to allow for new plants to be planted or just a cutting back of overgrown trees and hedges, borders and lawns with a view to changing the layout of the garden, we can help. Working closely with you, we can look at how to revive the garden and make it a place that you really want to be. We can develop a new planting scheme, assist with garden clearance, and any other aspect of garden maintenance you need us to.

Do you want to transform your garden? Get in touch with Greengrass Commercial Ltd.