Restricted Working

We’re in this together…
The health and wellbeing of everyone associated with Greengrass is of the utmost importance to us. First and Foremost, we hope that you and your family are keeping well during these challenging and unprecedented times, we deeply appreciate your continued support and wanted to keep you updated on our response to this COVID-19 outbreak

Taking care of one another…
The government called everyone to work together to ‘flatten the curve’ so the management team at Greengrass suspended operations for 4 weeks. Now the government have updated their safe working practices for outdoor businesses we have made the decision to offer a restricted service.
Greengrass are committed to ensuring all staff in their employment have the support they need during this difficult time and that all health and hygiene precautions are being taken to ensure workers and their clients are protected.

• Hand shaking and other unnecessary contact will be avoided.
• Gloves to be worn on-site.
• Social distancing guidelines will be adhered to at all times (minimum or 2 metre distance)
• Operatives carry antibacterial gel / wipes with them to use after
• PPE has been removed.
• Operatives have received a toolbox talk on Coronavirus.
• A telephone call will be made prior to visiting the client to ensure it is safe to do so.
• Any employee showing signs of the COVID-19 virus will be instructed to stay at home.

If you have any questions please contact Nick Cheetham 07827926333

Thank you for your patience and support in this difficult time for our country and our family run business.

Wishing all our clients good health and hope to see you all very soon.

Kind regards

Nick Cheetham,
Managing Director