Spring Lawn Care

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Your commercial lawn will usually need to be fed commencing from  March / April. However, it is down to the business to decide if the weather is warm enough for treatment. You
would be looking to start lawn care when the days become lighter and the temperature gets to around 15-20 degrees Celsius, then you can start thinking about treatments.


Why should the business treat its lawn in spring?

Having a lush, inviting lawn for your business is important – especially when making first impressions. Once the darker months of winter are over, it’s important to give the lawn much needed nutrients from a feed. Treating your lawn during this time will make it more vibrant and you will be less likely to encounter pesky weeds and moss.


What should the business use to treat its lawn during spring?

You should invest in a professional treatment that uses a high nitrogen granular fertilizer. It should also be given a targeted herbicide spray, for good measure. Fertilizer is essential to kickstart the process of a bright green lawn.



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How often should the business mow its lawn in spring?

No one lawn is the same, however, it should be cut whenever it shows growth. Depending on the weather, you could be looking at a weekly mow. It’s important to remember that the lawn should be cut evenly each time it’s trimmed and is no longer than 2 inches in length.


How should the business deal with weeds and moss during spring?

If your lawn is well looked after, then moss and weeds will not be much of an issue. However, it’s not uncommon to find small patches every now and then. Once spotted you need to treat them immediately, to avoid any unwanted spread. The whole lawn will need to be treated with a professional weed/moss killer as soon as you see signs of growth.


How often should the business water its lawn in spring?

The more the better does not apply here. A lawn should only be watered if it is bone dry and the soil is rock hard. During sunnier days you may want to sprinkle some water over the lawn to avoid the grass dying. But be careful, when a lawn is watered it must be enough to reach down into the soil (or you risk root growth at the surface).

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We offer businesses four seasonal visits to the premises, ensuring lawns and grounds have the perfect balance of nutrients 365 days a year.

Each quarterly visit covers the following:

Spring Treatment

Spring treatments usually commence from late March to early April, depending on the weather. We liaise with you directly to arrange an appointment to visit your premises, where we will provide essential nutrients together with a selective weed killer to improve the condition of your lawn after the harsh winter months. This fertiliser will stimulate growth and improve the colour of your lawn.

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Summer Treatment

A controlled release granular fertiliser is applied to maintain the strong growth of your lawn and reduce the effects of warm, dry weather conditions. A spot spray selective herbicide may also be applied, if required to keep weed population to an absolute minimum. The combination of fertiliser and herbicide maintains a green, healthy-looking lawn throughout those enjoyable summer months. This treatment is normally applied between May and July.

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Autumn Treatment


Our autumn treatment includes a fertiliser which contains less nitrogen but more magnesium. Magnesium helps to develop a strong root system on the lawn by protecting it from winter conditions. Again, a selective spot weedkiller may also be applied if required. This treatment is normally applied between August and September.

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Winter Treatment

Once the summer sun has departed and the ground gets damp moss can begin to flourish. This winter treatment involves spraying the lawn with liquid iron which turns the moss black almost instantly and gradually works its way into the roots. This improves the colour of the grass so that it looks it’s best throughout the winter months. Winter treatments will start in October at the earliest.

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