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Our client ran a boarding kennels business and spent all their time looking after the animals and their business. They had very little time to spend looking after their own garden. So, over time the garden was beyond their control. The grounds of this country home near Brentwood needed a makeover. So, it was down to us to install an easy maintenance, but attractive new garden, that they could relax in and enjoy for themselves.

Turf lifters were used to remove the old lawn, enriched topsoil was brought in to raise the levels and a high-quality lawn was also supplied and installed. Additionally, a selection of colourful planting was used to create a new planted border along one length of the garden. Then, Buxus Semperviren hedging and Buxus cones were planted around the Indian sandstone paving which added a formal touch. Cretan pots with Buxus Balls were also supplied to incorporate a modern and softer feel to the hard landscaping.


The Result