Corporate Ground Clearance In Essex

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When you view a building – residential or commercial – the main thing which stands out more than anything else is the state of the grounds and gardens. Keeping a garden in shape isn’t an easy job, and for business owners the only solution is to make sure you have grounds clearance and maintenance contractors who can work with you to keep your gardens looking spruced and tidy all year round.

Corporate grounds clearance and commercial landscaping is what we do here at Greengrass Commercial Ltd. Our gardening workforce provide a wide range of services, including stump grinding, turfing, snow clearing, hedge cutting, planting and weeding among many others. Grounds clearance can mean anything from litter removal to weed control, and from grass cutting to hedge trimming.

Do you need to improve the state of your grounds? Based in Essex, the team at Greengrass Commercial Ltd work with corporate clients to help you transform, maintain and ultimately enjoy your grounds and garden areas.