Getting the most out of your garden this summer

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Your garden sees the most use in the summer, with longer days and warmer weather making it the ideal haven when you’re at home.

Steps can be taken in the months leading up to the summer, as well as during, to make sure that you, your family, and your guests get the most enjoyment out of your garden this summer.

From daytime sunbathing and playing with the kids, to afternoon barbeques, to evening drinks with your friends, your garden is the best place to be during the summer – so make sure you can enjoy it the most you can with the help of Greengrass.

Lead up

In the months leading up to the summer, preparations can begin with methods to get the grass and flowers growing and blooming so your garden is full of life come summer. Over seeding and fertilisation get things back to growing nice and swiftly, and any overgrowth can easily be taken care of as summer rolls around.

During summer

During the summer, the ways of preparing your garden so you can get the most out of it is mostly based on the regular maintenance and care afforded to it. Our bespoke seasonal services will ensure that you get the most enjoyment out of your garden without having to worry about the maintenance and tidy up yourself, so you can focus on relaxing and entertaining.

As well as the services we offer, there are small steps you can take yourself if you ever feel like tending to the garden yourself. Watering the garden is perhaps the simplest and easiest of these. Less rainfall during the summer means that watering is vital to ensure that your grass and plants remain healthy and alive, so some regular watering every few days or so will keep your garden topped up with everything it needs – as well as give you an excuse to be out in the sunshine.

Commercial & Residential

As well as providing services for residential gardens, we also work on commercial outdoor spaces. Your commercial spaces outdoor areas can see much more use in the summer from employees and clients alike, so making sure the appropriate upkeep takes place is essentially.


To get the most out of your garden this summer, make use of our services so that you can focus on enjoying the garden. At Greengrass, we provide all of the services mentioned in the article and more – take a look at our commercial services here. If you’d like more information or to get started, get in touch today and we’ll be happy to help.