Litter Picking Services Essex

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Buying or renting a commercial property usually involves doing up or making changes/improvements to that property. If the property comes complete with an outdoor area or garden then this may need to be altered and improved too. The garden area might have been subject to neglect, and this can leave you with a 101 things to do, from litter picking and garden clearance to landscaping and grounds maintenance.

Greengrass Commercial Ltd offers an extensive range of commercial services to businesses across the Essex and Suffolk region. From leaf collection and litter picking to offering a one-stop solution for your entire commercial landscaping and maintenance requirements.

What your visitors see on first sight of your premises sets the tone for how they view you and your business in general. You may not think it matters much, but the state and level of tidiness of your business can make a difference.

Keep your clients and your workforce happy, with a little help from Greengrass Commercial Ltd.

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