Best Soft Landscapers In Brentwood

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Soft landscaping focuses on garden and landscape design. ‘Softer’ materials are used as opposed to ‘hard’ landscaping which makes use of construction materials. Soft landscaping can cover anything from shrubs and trees to laying a new lawn and designing the layout of the landscape. Hard landscaping can cover anything from paving and laying a patio to erecting a water fountain or a fence.

If you need soft landscaping work done to a high standard then a highly skilled horticultural workforce is required, and that’s what we have here at Greengrass Commercial Ltd. We’re passionate about working with nature and with your garden to create an attractive and sustainable environment. We cover all aspects of soft landscaping, from hedge cutting and planting to weeding and tree surgery. Whatever your garden needs, we’ll be able to work with you to find the best solution. We will tailor our services to meet your specific requirements.

At Greengrass Commercial Ltd we understand the importance of image and how a tidy, organised garden can improve your business image in general. Your business matters to you, so make sure that you take care of your grounds and garden areas too.