Corporate Ground Maintenance In Suffolk

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First impressions count, and that’s why horticultural standards also count. An outdoor landscape needs to be functional, and that means that it has to respond to your needs. A garden should also be visually-appealing, inviting and safe, the latter being especially important if staff and visitors use the gardens.

Greengrass Commercial Ltd delivers ground maintenance services to enhance and protect your outdoor environments. Gardens provide pleasure for many people, and if your garden areas need attention then we can help pull them into shape. Our horticulturalists are highly-trained and skilled and can assist with any aspect of ground maintenance you require, whether it be maintaining beds, plants and hedges, clearing away weeds, cutting the grass, tree surgery or maintaining the verges and pathways. We will devise a maintenance program according to your specific requirements and budget.

Ground maintenance is necessary for businesses as the safety of your staff and visitors should always be a priority. If you want to bring life and variety to your garden areas – and make it a pleasant place in which to spend time – then Greengrass Commercial Ltd can help.