Fine Quality Lawn Turfing In Essex

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Is your garden not quite green enough? Keen to introduce more lawn areas? If you’re contemplating buying and laying lawn turf then you need to ensure the turf is as fresh as possible. Turf is easy in that once it’s laid, watered and trimmed it looks good straightaway. In fact, with turf you practically have a ready-made lawn, a lawn which looks healthy and immaculate. Turf is ideal if you have a small area of ground to cover.

A property can only look its best if the grounds surrounding it are impeccably presented. This means trimmed, fresh and newly-mowed lawns, tidy hedges and shrubs and clear pathways. If you want to install a new lawn as part of your grounds then Greengrass Commercial Ltd can source and lay the turf, giving you the perfect lawn. The lawn turf we supply is fresh as it is sourced directly from the fields. We can prepare the soil, and lay the turf for you, creating a lawn which looks as beautiful as it is fresh.