Hedge Cutting Service In Essex

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Hedges and bushes need to be trimmed at least once, perhaps twice, a year depending on the type of hedge you have. Hedges look superb in a garden when they’re clipped and tidy but quickly look unruly and let down the rest of the garden once they start to grow out of shape. The hedges and bushes in public parks, for example, need to be maintained in order to allow visitors the opportunity to visually enjoy those public spaces. A well-maintained hedge will vastly improve the overall appearance of the surrounding garden landscape. The solution? Call in a garden maintenance team who can provide you with an efficient hedge cutting service to keep your hedges in check throughout the year.

From grass cutting to tree surgery and hedge cutting, the team at Greengrass Commercial Ltd works with a range of outdoor spaces to ensure that they are properly maintained for the benefit of visitors and customers. If your hedges need trimming, shaping or maintaining we’re the people to call on. We provide a service to commercial clients throughout Essex.