Corporate ground maintenance

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The proper maintenance and upkeep of outdoor areas, whether private or public, is vital. Not only does it help to promote a feeling of well-being but it can also help in terms of increased community cohesion and improved public health. It’s important for businesses to maintain their outdoor spaces, if they have them, for these very purposes.

Landscape construction and corporate grounds maintenance is needed in order to preserve outdoor green spaces to allow them to be enjoyed. Grounds maintenance is the best way to enhance the presentation of your external premises and build on the strength of your reputation. The upkeep of your outdoor areas will have a positive impact on the wellbeing of your employees and may even help your employee retention rate ratio.

Here at Greengrass Commercial Ltd we provide all services from litter picking and hedge cutting to turfing and garden maintenance. We can improve your outdoor areas and thereafter maintain them to a high standard – a standard to keep everyone happy.

It’s always pleasing to visitors to find a business that cares about their outdoor spaces. Do you care about yours?