Corporate Ground Clearance in Essex

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The prospect of having to clear large areas of land overgrown with dense vegetation would fill most of us with an unnamed dread. Ground clearance is a tricky task; physically-challenging and very time-consuming unless you have all the proper equipment, but it’s important to get the ground cleared before the situation escalates. What to do? Make light of a heavy ground clearance operation with a little helping hand from the experts.
Greengrass Commercial Ltd offers ground clearance services to both domestic and corporate clients in Essex, Suffolk and further afield. Ground maintenance is hard to keep on top of unless you employ the services of ground clearance experts on a regular basis. We are able to provide services to clients who need to manage their overgrown garden or surrounding landscapes. Our ground clearance service includes stump removal, foliage clearance, tree excavation and the removal of all debris.
Ground clearance allows you to improve its appearance, redesign the space and make better use of the space. Even with the smallest open area, if the space is well designed it can successfully create the illusion of a much larger ground area.